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Long-term privileged partner

Amen Group today includes about sixty companies spread over 6 poles:

Pole of agro-food and hotel industries

Banking pole

Insurance and healthcare pole

Specialized financial services pole

Capital goods trading pole

Transportation equipment pole

Agro-food Pole

il compte neuf sociétés, dont la société Cafés Ben Yedder, qui est historiquement la première société du Groupe (1934), Cafés Bondin acquise en 1964 ou la société KAWARIS créée en 1993, qui est une Société de Mise en Valeur et de Développement Agricole

Tourism Pole

It is made up of three hotels, namely Majestic Hotel, built in Tunis, in 1911, Dar Saïd Hotel located in Sidi Bou Said and Hotel Tunisia Palace, located near the Medina, as well as a "3 fourchettes" restaurant, Dar Zarrouk.

Banking Pole

It comprises eight financial companies, including Amen Bank, Amen Invest, Amen Capital, Sicar Amen, Amen Project, Sogerec, Recouvrement and Tunisys

Insurance and healthcare pole

It is made up of five companies including Assurances Comar and HAYETT and six clinics (Mutuelleville, la Marsa, Gafsa, Beja, Nabeul and Bizerte), which are all managed by Amen Santé, a company created in 2009.

Trade and equipment Pole

It includes four companies namely, Parenin a company created in 1902, concessionaire of Caterpillar, Atlas Copco and John Deere, MTI subsidy of Parenin and concessionaire of Caterpillar in Libya, AL Tractors and Sinew Tunisia.

Specialized financial services pole

It is made up of five companies, including Tunisie Leasing, pioneer in leasing in Tunisia, Maghreb Leasing Algeria, Tunisie Factoring, Tunisie LLD and Alios, a company operating in Africa since 1956.

Transportation equipment pole

It comprises two companies, ENNAKL Automobiles, since 2010 and CAR GROS which is a subsidy of Ennakl Automobiles, created in 2007.


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Amen Bank

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