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"Amen Mobile" is a mobile app available on Google Play (Android smart phones and tablets) and App Store (smart phones and IOS tablets).

Thanks to the "Amen Mobile" application, you can now, via your Smartphone or your tablet, make your request for a credit card or checkbook, check the balance of your AMEN BANK account, your transactions, your credit card payments and withdrawal operations and your outstanding credit; you can refill your prepaid card, unlock your card internationally, block your credit card, manage your budget and even initiate and make your withdrawals without the need for a card.

This practical, simple, intuitive and secure tool will allow you to manage your AMEN BANK account in complete freedom and will thus save you precious time. It is important to note that even if you are not yet an AMEN BANK client, you can benefit from numerous advantages such as:

Checking the rates of the main currencies as well as those of the SICAVs and the stock market,

The contact details of AMEN BANK headquarters and its various branches,

The instant geo-location of the AMEN BANK branch and ATM that is closest to the place where you are (it also allows the display of the itinerary between your Location and the branch/ ATM you want to go to),

Simulation of your credit,

Use of a currency converter.

To learn more about AMEN BANK's "Amen Mobile" application, please call the Customer Relations Center at 71 148 888


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