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A set of products and services adapted to the needs of health professionals


Amen Bank
A set of products and services adapted to the needs of health professionals

If you are a health professional (doctor, dentist, biologist, pharmacist ...), AMEN BANK offers you the " Doctor Pack", consisting of a full range of products and banking services, offered at a very attractive overall price, not to mention a personalized treatment.

Indeed and thanks to the "Doctor Pack", you benefit from: 

An account Excellence (your demand deposits are paid at 2%), which gives you access to several privileges and discounts, negotiated for you, at a large number of under-agreements outlets ,

An authorized overdraft, up to 10,000 TND, to enable you to meet one-off needs, as well as a quick response to all your requests to finance your various projects,

A personal account, which you can use yourself or your spouse (your demand deposits are paid at 2%),

A special savings account, with the possibility of negotiating the remuneration of your savings,

A Business Travel Allowance file ,

The national or even international Visa Gold high-end card (if your Business Travel Allowance file is open at AMEN BANK),

The El Amen card, which gives you access to ATM withdrawals from your savings account, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

Easy Card Prepaid Card

Insurance assistance, which covers you all over the world and includes, if necessary, medical, pharmaceutical and hospitalization expenses up to 150.000 USD.

In addition, by joining the "Doctor Pack", you can access several financing formulas, at advantageous rates:

Professional equipment loan,

Professional real-estate loans,


Personal property loans,

Participatory loans to finance your participation in a new clinic or the extension of an existing clinic,

A loan that covers advances on CNAM fees (up to 80% of invoices),

Credim Express,

Leasing loans for the acquisition of professional equipment or a vehicle,

Moreover, the "Doctor Pack" offers you @mennet and Amen Mobile, which allow you to follow the evolution of your account and all your operations on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

The "Doctor Pack" is even more:

The collection of your funds, within the framework of an agreement with a medical center or a clinic,

Priority telephone access, putting you in touch with a dedicated customer advisor,

The rent charges of your EPT, free during the 1st year,

A personalized checkbook.

For more details, we invite you to contact your AMEN BANK agency or our Customer Relations Center at 71 148 888.


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