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Three AMEN SMS packages are offered:


This service allows you to receive on your mobile phone the information you need: The balance and the last three transactions on your account according to the periodicity of your choice:

Once a week - When the balance changes

When the balance exceeds a balance amount that you have defined, the availability of your checkbook, the availability of your credit card, the notice of rejection of an issued check and a paid check, the notice of rejection of a bill of exchange issued or paid


In addition to services by the INFO AMEN SMS package, you can receive additional information to manage your business on a daily basis: Your SWIFT Messages: The rates of the main currencies, payments, transfers and withdrawals on your savings account, annual interests on your savings account, confirmation of the acceptance of a credit application, outstanding purchase and withdrawals on your credit card, alert on the maturity date for the repayment of your credit.


This is a new option that allows the transfer of money by SMS. In this last version you can benefit from the information on:

Checking the balance and the last three transactions on your account

Renewing of your checkbook

Cancelling a check payment

Blocking your card

Changing your password.


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