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Amen Bank Amen Bank Amen Bank
Amen Bank
Denomination AMEN BANK
Social object Banking activities
Legal form Common law company
Nationality Tunisian
Head office Avenue Mohamed V - 1002 Tunis
Date of constitution 1967
Duration 99 years unless dissolved early or extended
Share capital 132,405,000 dinars divided into 26,481,000 shares of nominal 5 fully paid dinars
Social object All banking operations, discount, credit, commission, foreign exchange or stock market transactions, all subscriptions and commissions, such as all purchases, sales, exchanges and investments of government funds, stocks, bonds and other any values; all recoveries of all claims on behalf of third parties and generally without exception, all financial, commercial, industrial, securities or real estate transactions directly or indirectly related to the profession of banker
Social exercise From January 1st to December 31st of each year
Tax system Common right
Specific legislation applicable Law No. 2001-65 of July 10, 2001
Trade register 176041996
Tax registration number 000 M A 00221/M
Fax 216.71.833.517
Telex 18801/18800
Banking Website
Place of consultation of documents AMEN BANK, Mohamed V Avenue - 1002 Tunis
Responsible for information and relations with shareholders, bondholders, CMF, BVMT and TUNISIE CLEARING Mr. Néji GHANDRI, Président du Directoire