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Amen Bank keeps the course! Financing the Tunisian economy by accompanying its customers through a relationship of trust and satisfaction.

Its teams work on a daily basis to concoct an up-to-date range of products, with the aim of providing an effective response adapted to the needs of its customers.

Its advantages ?

Staff available, well trained and welcoming

Local agencies

A permanent innovation.

Amen Bank's ambition is to be the right partner to guarantee the success of its customers by accompanying them and providing them with the most relevant solution for each of their needs.

Amen Bank is a bank open to its national and international environment. Today, it is one of the leading banks in the region, not only because of the extent of its commercial establishments throughout the country, which are becoming denser from year to year, but also because of the importance of its markets , both retail and corporate banking, not to mention the strength of its financial fundamentals. The constant evolution of its results and its ratios, for several years, is an undeniable proof of this.

Amen Bank is constantly working to maintain its position as a reference institution. So, does it take advantage of the characteristics of a solid and sustainable financial institution and constantly strive to be a leader in its market, offering its customers a service, advice and support? differentiated through a wide range of innovative products and services and services of a quality that conforms to international standards and by continuously strengthening internal control mechanisms, so as to guard against empirical and systemic risks.

AMEN BANK's remote product offering was marked by the launch of Amen First Bank, the first 100% online agency in Tunisia, available 24/7. As a result, Amen First Bank is adapting to the pace of a new clientele, eager to be exclusively connected remotely, to access safely, to a very complete range of banking products with the lowest rates on the market. In parallel, Amen Bank continued the development of its Customer Relations Center and the concept of self-service space with, in particular, the programming of the opening of new sites and the provision of new services.

Amen Bank has taken many steps to make the characteristics of these different savings products even more attractive and launched the new savings plans to boost your savings, thanks to preferential conditions.

Acquisition or development of a real estate, purchase of a car, financing of a capital good or your leisure, the forms of credit that proposes to you Amen Bank were conceived to answer each of your needs. It should be noted that the date of repayment of the credit can go up to the age of 70 years.

A vital unit of any prosperous economy, the company is the main target of Amen Bank, which has not stopped improving its "processes" to relieve companies of the heavy tasks related to the management of its financial flows and its Treasury.

Certified ISO for check deposit and transfer transactions in 2000, Amen Bank has extended its quality guarantee to the majority of banking transactions, including opening accounts, counter transactions, credit applications, and raising hands. guarantees and operations abroad, today processed via the Internet and the same day.


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The new visual identity of AMEN BANK carries a more modern logo, combining synergy and fidelity to the values which are the very essence of the bank. The retained colors and shapes (the symbolism of the logotype) have a special meaning: Green Green, which is the reference color of AMEN BANK, has always been a symbol of hope; it is also ...