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Amen Bank boasts a recruitment process that is not only rigorous and selective but also ethical and fair.

Having also chosen to be a socially responsible institution, Amen Bank has adopted a long-term approach to advance professional equality between men and women. For example, an assistance program, led by the German development cooperation organization, GIZ, has just been launched to promote gender diversity in the bank. It consists in an action plan covering the period 2016 to 2017 and is designed to put gender equality into perspective and to promote the accession of women to decision making positions and, therefore, to management functions.

Therefore, a special attention is paid to the recruitment selection process, with a view to advancing the integration of women's excellent potential. If you have the ambition to join an institution that is one of the major players in the sector, offering its new recruits a path of integration and fulfilling socialization, high level training and excellent career prospects, simply fill in the application form available in the section of our website provided for this purpose (Cf. application form).

Amen Bank designed a dedicated area for you, which will facilitate your procedures on our website and optimize your search by offering you different functionalities: recording personal data online (the form you completed and your CV) and the possibility to edit the information you entered or your CV whenever you wish.