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The new visual identity of AMEN BANK carries a more modern logo, combining synergy and fidelity to the values which are the very essence of the bank.

The retained colors and shapes (the symbolism of the logotype) have a special meaning:


Green, which is the reference color of AMEN BANK, has always been a symbol of hope; it is also associated with prosperity, stability and serenity. The value corresponding to this color is the "commitment" (internal and external, societal and ecological).


This "young" color appears in the AMEN BANK logo; it had already been introduced at the launch of AMEN FIRST BANK. Blue, which recalls the sky or the ocean, is synonymous with immensity; it is associated with responsibility and trust. The value corresponding to this color is "loyalty" (to its customers, to its Bank...).


This basic color is synonymous with purity, freshness and wisdom. The value corresponding to the white color is "transparency".

The sphere

The new logo is spherical and three-dimensional reminding the shape of a pearl. AMEN BANK has chosen this dynamic form which reflects its permanent target and that of its employees consisting in placing the clients’ interests at the heart of their concerns.

Amen Bank
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Amen Bank
Breaking down financial barriers for students

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Amen Bank

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Amen Bank
Launch of the institutional campaign

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