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Women, partners in our success


Aware of the importance of Gender Diversity (GD) as a guarantee of the development and performance of any organization, AMEN BANK has launched, in partnership with the German Development Cooperation organization (GIZ), a program to include Gender Diversity (GD) in its human resources management policy. Through this, AMEN BANK aims to strengthen and promote diversity within its organization, particularly in its network of agencies, by recruiting an increasing number of women for its network and by capitalizing on the female skills in order to strengthen its sales force.

In this context, AMEN BANK, as a socially responsible and environmentally responsible company, has integrated the concept of GD in its process of recruiting and socializing young recruits in order to create more opportunities for women in the Banking operations. Indeed, convinced of the predominant role of women in the development of any economic organization, AMEN BANK is increasingly targeting young talents among young female graduates of higher education or female students interested in integrating its structure for a limited period as part of a final internship.

Today, more than ever, AMEN BANK is paying close attention to the process of assessing competencies, especially those held by its female staff. To this end, training sessions are scheduled for its managers in skills assessment and performance techniques and in recruitment techniques, regardless of gender.

In the wake of this program, with the assistance of GIZ, AMEN BANK planned the following actions:

  • Organizing training and sensitization sessions for managers and employees on GD and its importance in developing the bank's performance;
  • Developing an internal guide on the Bank's GD policy for the benefit of all employees;
  • Signing several agreements with various universities in Tunis and the inner regions in order to attract young talents, namely young graduates interested in a career in banking;
  • Organizing events and demonstrations for young students of higher education, with a view to communicating about their professions, their career management policy and the internship opportunities offered by the bank.

Other actions are equally planned as part of this project.

Together, let us prepare, today, a better tomorrow...

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