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Launch of the institutional campaign


AMEN BANK: A bank involved in the Tunisian economy, modern, close to its customers, belonging to a solid group rich in its historical identity.

A symbol of success in the banking sector and strongly committed to the development of the Tunisian economy, AMEN BANK has been well known in the business world for over a century, and intends to retain its leading position in this field. However, AMEN BANK wants to further expand its customer base at the level of individuals and professionals.

A new identity for an exceptional actor

To support this new strategy of commercial development and to reassert its corporate image, AMEN BANK has programmed the launch of an institutional communication campaign, driven by the modernization of its logo and a new corporate signature, while highlighting its dynamism and its continuous innovation, which, since its origins (1880, that is about 137 years ago), make it a reference in its sector.

Customers first

The new visual identity reflects the image of a strong, dynamic, efficient and technological bank that takes into account the idea that AMEN BANK grows, develops internationally and supports and accompanies its customers as always, in order to help them in the development of their projects, by continuously searching the most appropriate solutions for their specific needs.

The new Logo

The new charter of AMEN BANK carries a more modern logo, combining synergy and fidelity to the values which are the very essence of this institution.

The values of AMEN BANK:

  • economic and financial "soundness"
  • "commitment" (internal and external, societal and ecological),
  • "innovation" (serving customers),
  • "loyalty" (to customers, to the Bank, etc.).
  • "transparency".

The new logo is spherical and three-dimensional reminding the shape of a pearl. This dynamic form reflects AMEN BANK's ongoing focus on placing client interests at the heart of their concerns.

In order to refresh its image, AMEN BANK wished to retain its reference color: green, symbol of hope, combined with prosperity, stability and serenity. It also made the choice to add a touch of blue (usually associated with responsibility and trust) to its new identity, which it had previously introduced, at the launch of Amen First Bank, the first 100% online bank.

As for white, AMEN BANK wishes, through this color, to anchor the image of purity, wisdom and transparency, thus perfectly reflecting the values of an institution, which has constantly made all its energy and innovation available to its customers, while seeking their satisfaction.

The new signature "The partner of your success"

By defining itself as "The" partner, AMEN BANK reaffirms its proximity to its customers and its ambition to be the benchmark in terms of supporting and accompanying the success of its clients.

This signature, which underlines the new identity of AMEN BANK, is proof that it is trustworthy, with a future vision and that it will know, in the long term, how to place the projects and the successes of its customers at the heart of its concerns.

It must be said that this signature is self-evident. Indeed, a very large number of current clients recognize that they owe their success, not only to their work and dedication, but also to the ongoing support provided by AMEN BANK, to support them in the various phases of their business. AMEN BANK intends to pursue this dynamic partnership with its corporate and private clients and is committed to putting in place all the necessary instruments to consolidate it, in order to ensure mutual success, conducive to the development of the Tunisian economy.

It should also be noted that, as part of this institutional communication campaign, AMEN BANK has modernized all signage on the façade of its agencies, by installing new signs setting up a new website, the main aim of which is to present the bank's offer using modern tools and design, in a more user-friendly and attractive way, not to mention a richer content.