Amen Bank

You are the Future of our Bank

In a roughly competitive and constantly changing environment, which carries both challenges and opportunities, demanding markets impacted by instability and growing activities and trades that are becoming more complex, Amen Bank has always sought to rely on dynamic, ambitious employees who meet the demands of professionalism.

This is why Amen Bank deploys its HR strategy to focus on the recruitment of senior and junior profiles, capable of adding value, detecting and retaining high potential, developing the skills of its human capital through continuous training and especially thanks to a proximity management, empowering and encouraging versatility. In addition, it bases its career management policy of its employees on a twofold component, the career growth aspirations of its employees and the needs of the organization in skills and competences.

Amen Bank

Motivating Career

Based on one of the most dense branch network in the sector and a qualified interface staff with a total supervisory rate of 78% and a rate of university graduates above 48%, Amen Bank Currently operates in three customer markets, namely Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and investment Banking.

In addition to the commercial functions, which embody its core business, and which rely both on digital technology and on the relational skills of its employees, such as Branch Director, Deputy Head of Branch, Multi-market Sales Manager and Sales Assistant, Amen Bank also provides support functions such as Audit, Legal Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Management Control, Risk Management, Capital Markets and Operations Market, international operations and on- and off-balance sheet Financing activities, offering intellectual fulfillment and motivating careers.